I Can Do Hard Things

It started with a shirt.

Cabin No. 4 owner, Kate Hansen, was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2022. Her personal mantra is “I can do hard things”, and she is taking on breast cancer with the same attitude and determination.

Friends encouraged Kate to design a shirt that they could wear to show their love and support. They wanted the shirts to benefit the family, but Kate wasn’t comfortable with that. She decided instead that 100% of proceeds from the pre-orders would go to a local charity that supports cancer-fighters.

Kate also didn’t want the shirts just to be about her, or just about cancer. Everyone is fighting a battle and has a mountain to climb, so she decided to make the shirts about ALL the hard things that people are doing.

The initial pre-order FAR exceeded Kate’s expectations, selling over 700 shirts in just a week. From there, other products and collaborations were born. Now, a percentage of the proceeds from all of these products go to the American Cancer Society and the Jonathan Zierdt Cancer Fund. So far, the efforts have raised almost $8000!

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People have bought the shirts for themselves or loved ones because they’re going through grief, cancer and other chronic illnesses, mental health crises, infertility, and more. We’ve heard from many that “I Can Do Hard Things” helped them move their mountain. We are SO honored to be a part of anyone’s life in that way. Want to tell us your story? We’d love to hear it!

Kate Hansen, business owner, is fighting Stage 2 breast cancer.
Look at the power of community. One little idea let to big money being raised by hundreds of people all over the country. Because of you, more cancer-fighters like me will have the support they need to do all the hard things. THANK YOU!

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